Another rainy day wedding in Chicago. This summer has been insane! Luckily, Kari and Stefano beat the odds and the rain came down as their cocktail hour came to a close! We had plenty of time to play in the Chicago sun!

I started with Kari and the girls at the hotel. Antonette White was busy working on the bride when I arrived.

And one of the bridesmaids was busy working on getting the cork off of the champagne bottle!
Another bridesmaid was getting in her dress when I arrived.
Some last minute touch ups.
Her shoes and purse were awesome!
I loved her purse. The texture was so cool.
As soon as she zipped up we were out of the door.
Stefano was on his way to meet up with Kari near their Printer’s Row home.
Kari was on her way with a little gummy bear to keep her energized for their first meeting!
And she was off to meet her man.
They chose a park across from their place to see each other for the first time.
We took a few quick shots…
And then we headed to the train station…
And then walked over to one of their favorite places…
We jumped in a cab and headed to Millenium Park.
I love the Lurie Garden’s at Millenium Park!
The wedding party met up with us and helped the guys with their flowers.
The bridge at the Art Institute never gets old!
Yes, there were zombies!
We escaped the attack and headed to the Kinzie Bridge.
A “cool guy” shot…
And a “cute girl” shot…
The wedding party posed as the ushers did their thing!
After a few hours of shooting we headed to Prairie Productions.
Their friend, who was doing video, was in place and ready for the ceremony to start.
Kari and her father.
I love the ceremonies at Prairie!
Um, I think she is giving me the stank eye! =)
Stefano’s mother.
Kari’s parents.
Toni Hassett performed their ceremony. She is so good! I love working with her.
Stefano’s father. I love this shot of him.
See why I love Prairie?!
A congratulatory hug from the grooms father.
The minute cocktail hour starts someone gets revenge on me.
Stefano’s little brother.
I ran inside to get some of the special details from their wedding.

They had four sayings printed on the cocktail napkins. I thought that was a really cool idea!

I really loved the linens they chose.
Their friend made cupcakes for the wedding. I grabbed her for a quick shot before the guests headed inside.
They headed inside in a hurry as the rain started pouring down.
Stefano and his best man with the grooms cake.
The bride and groom with the bride and groom.
Some speeches.
Not sure what the best man is saying or doing in this photo but it’s too funny not to post.
He gave a great speech and actually wrote something for Stefano and Kari for the big day. I love when the groom cries!
The special dances begin.
And then the party got wild!
Some air guitar.
Oops. Party foul!
When a nurse meets an ER doctor…
Thanks for having me!