Kate was almost ready as soon as I arrived! I knew that she was going to look amazing when I noticed that Morgan was on duty!
Her super cute shoes!
The earrings!
It didn’t take long until she was ready to walk out of the door.
We were off to the ceremony!
Kate was definitely ready for the “big show”. =)
One of the guys sent this to a bridesmaid. Had to get a shot of it! It was definitely dress up time…
The ceremony starts.
This was the first Catholic church where the priest actually invited me on the altar to get this shot!
Her mother got a little choked up.
The church was gorgeous! Kate and Drew are really involved with the church and actually helped with the construction that is currently going on. I tried my best to hide the remnants of the construction!
And it was a hot one! The guys came well prepared with their handkerchiefs.
I love this shot of the priest.
A detail from the church ceiling.
Drew’s mother helps out with the communion.
These colors. WOW.
Braxton got this great image of the newly married couple! I love a good balcony. =)
They live right across the street from the church. We ran upstairs to do a quick shot on their balcony. I grabbed a quick shot of their church steeple too!
And the couple with the amazing view.
A shout out to the World Cup. Drew and the guys were hanging out in the park across from the church before we headed out for photos.
Loving this shot of the driver patiently waiting for us to board the bus!
We headed to one of their favorite streets in the city!
The tree line street made for some great pictures.
And the light was amazing.
Up next…Fulton Market! Again, loving the light!!
Kate found this on this text on the sidewalk.
Not sure what the groomsman is doing with that 2×4!?
I love shooting in this part of town.
Heading to another location.
A quick shot.
Off to the next spot. Yes, that is a real bird. Crazy, right? Braxton has been getting some amazing images this season!!
Pointing to our next location.
Can’t go wrong with the trains!
One of the guests was nice enough to hold a bridesmaid bouquet before we entered the reception.
We finally arrived at Spiaggia’s, the location of their reception.
Some details.

The view of the lake from their reception.

The food at Spiaggia’s is always perfect!
Kate and Drew donated to the March of Dimes. A great cause!
The cake.
Kate made a guestbook and I used one of the pages for the ring shot. Kate took all of the pictures.
Kate and Drew enter the room.
The blessing.
Drew’s brother.
Kate’s best friend gets a hug after her speech.
The music starts for their first dance.
The dancing begins.
Drew’s sister and father give me the stink eye!
I love this one. She just looks totally over it.
We headed outside for some fun shots!
And that’s a wrap. I love this parting shot of Drew heading back to the party.
Have a great life together!!!