Kate and Steve’s wedding day had finally arrived, and they had a day full of celebration planned. I was excited to be sharing it with them both, beginning with Kate as her hair and makeup were styled.
She took a moment to pose with the rings.
Kate’s bridesmaids were there as well, ready and willing to help out as needed.
And sometimes, help looks like having a champagne flute ready to go.
Cheers to the gorgeous bride!
One final touch, and Kate was ready for her first wedding-day look at Steve…
…who was on the hotel rooftop enjoying some time with his groomsmen. Upon hearing that Kate was ready to see him, Steve polished off his glass of champagne…
…and headed to the designated meeting spot: The Garden at the Art Institute.
Kate wasn’t far behind, beaming with happiness as she approached her groom.
The two affectionate lovebirds can’t get enough of each other…
…and I knew it was going to be a day full of love and happiness.
The weather was absolutely perfect that day, so we took advantage of all the scenic backdrops the garden had to offer.
And soon enough, it was time for the wedding party to jump in for their turn in front of the camera.
Such a good-looking group!
Everybody lined up for one more group portrait…
…and then loaded up the trolley for some around-town pictures.
The groomsmen put on their shades and grabbed a beer…
…while the bridesmaids captured some memories of their own.
The next series of photos were taken on the LaSalle Street Bridge, one of my favorite locations for several reasons, not the least of which is it’s beautiful views of the city’s riverside architecture.
I also appreciate a well-timed photobomb by local wildlife.
Just down the street is this Chicago landmark- The Board of Trade. It’s an absolute photo-must for any city wedding!
Then we headed down by Soldier Field for some pictures by the lake.
Kate and Steve took a moment to appreciate Chicago’s amazing skyline. The sky was extremely clear, so the view was fantastic!
Finally, it was time for the ceremony. We headed back to Gallery 1028 where guests had just begun to arrive. A few minutes later, Steve was in place and watching as Kate walked the aisle.
The bride was escorted by her father, who gave his blessing before Kate took her place next to Steve.
The bride was all smiles as the officiant began the ceremony.
The ceremony was beautiful, complete with laughs…
…and emotion.
I’m sure Steve’s mom was especially full of emotion as she watched her son make his vows.
Steve’s nephew was having a great time, too, as the ceremony offered a lot of wonderful photo opportunities.
His niece participated in the ceremony by honoring the couple with a solo.
The ceremony wrapped up with the vows, a ring exchange…
…and of course, a kiss!
Steve’s handkerchief was out the minute they finished the recessional…
…and Kate’s bridesmaids were the first to offer up hugs and congratulations.
Kate and Steve’s fathers posed for a picture as they headed to the cocktail hour.
And Steve’s nephew and I faced off for a camera duel.
The room was buzzing as guests enjoyed cocktails and each other’s company. The cocktails and dinner were delicious, with dining planned and provided by Calihan Catering.
After dinner, the newlyweds made their big entrance into the reception.
They had to make it quick, too… One suspicious character was eyeballing the cake!
The cake was cut and tasted…
…and Steve took to the microphone to thank the guests for celebrating with him and his wife.
The microphone was passed to the Maid of Honor for her toast…
…and then the Best Man took his turn.
Steve’s father was up next with his blessing for the couple.
And Kate’s father wrapped things up with his touching speech.
Next, Kate and Steve held each other close as their song played and they shared their first married dance together.
Kate’s father had his turn dancing with the bride, as well.
And Steve’s mother looked gorgeous as she enjoyed a dance with her son.
Then it was time for everyone else to jump in!
The guests grabbed a drink…
…and then prepared to cut loose on the dance floor.
The party was a hit, due in no small part to the efforts of master planner Loren of Clementine Custom Events.
Things really kicked into high gear as partygoers gathered around for the garter toss.
One groomsman took off his shades to get a better look.
Awww… love was all around!
And things were shakin’ on the dance floor!
What a party! Thanks for inviting me, Kate and Steve!
Congratulations on your marriage!