It was a perfect summer afternoon, and Tim and Katie were getting ready for their wedding day to start. I started out with Katie as her bridesmaids made sure every detail was in place.
And this beautiful bracelet completed the look. Katie even had some time left over to hang out with her girls.
Tim was back at the couple’s condo, where Leah was photographing him getting ready.
When Tim finished his preparations, the two of them drove to the hotel Katie was getting ready at. Here’s Tim in the hotel elevator, just about ready to burst from the anticipation of seeing his bride for the first time.
He took his place on the balcony, where Katie stepped out and tapped him on the shoulder.
Katie looked stunning as we headed out of the hotel and into the city for pre-ceremony pictures.
The wedding party (and a stray seagull) joined up with us for pictures by the lake.
They were all good sports, climbing into the tall grass to make sure Katie and Tim got great photos.
The wedding party went back to the party bus while the happy couple and I took a few quick pictures.
The crew was having a great time on the bus, enjoying a drink and each other’s company.
Katie and Tim jumped on the bus and we headed into Montrose Harbor, where we found the Kite Festival in full swing.
Next photo stop was Uptown.
I’ve always loved the ornate features on the theaters in Uptown. I hope it’s restoration work that’s being done here!
The ceremony time was getting close, but we had time for another stop on our way.
The gorgeous mosaic work under Lake Shore Drive.
This groomsman had a favorite tile…
…the glass cicada.
That was a wrap for pre-ceremony pictures! Time to get married!
Katie and Tim had their ceremony and reception at Salvatore’s in Lincoln Park.
Katie waited outside in the minutes leading up to the ceremony.
Her father went out to collect her as the last of the guests took their seats.
Katie’s father escorted her down the aisle.
Tim’s mom and dad were sitting in the front row, watching as Katie joined Tim at the altar.
Katie’s father gave his daughter away…
…and the ceremony began.
They said their vows, exchanged rings, and then they were husband and wife. Congratulations!
Tim shook his father-in-law’s hand on his way out of the ceremony room.
The newlyweds hung out in a separate room while the guests made their way into the reception area.
We had time for some photos, of course!
When everyone had settled into the reception, they made their big entrance.
And Tim took the microphone to thank everyone for sharing the day with them.
Then Tim and Katie took to the dance floor for their first dance.
Katie shared a father-daughter dance with her dad, and finished up with a big hug.
Then everyone hit the dance floor.
Mark from DJ Chicago was there to provide the soundtrack for the party.
The guests had a great time, enjoying drinks, dancing and company.
The day was a complete success! Hugs for everyone!
On my way out the door, I took a shot of their rings on top of their Blackhawks puck. They’re both huge fans of the local hockey team.
Thanks for sharing your day with me, Katie and Tim! Congratulations on your marriage!