I met Katie and Tim at the lily pond a Lincoln Park Zoo to begin their engagement session.
This Chicago couple will be getting married in May of next year, and I’m excited that I’ll be there to document it.
For right now, though, we were enjoying the fantastic fall weather as we traveled around town taking pictures.
Next stop was one of my favorites- the rail yard on the city’s west side.
We walked the trails together…
…and stopped in the field to take pictures.
One of my favorite things about this location is that the pictures look like you’re miles away from the city.
But for the next group of photos, we definitely went more urban.
I hope this “I Love You” mural never goes away.
We took some pictures under this overpass…
…then Katie suggested: “get a picture of Tim with the chicken. That’s his favorite food”. That’s one fancy chicken!
Things were just wrapping up when we saw something we couldn’t pass up.
Cotton candy! Yum!
I’m glad that Katie and Tim share my love of spun sugar.
Thanks for a great afternoon, Katie and Tim! I’ll see you next May when you two tie the knot!