Look who’s dressed up all fancy and ready for some pictures! It’s Kieran!
This adorable little guy’s parents asked me to come over and take some family pictures.
I started with the puppy, who was feeling photogenic that morning.
What a cutie…
Kieran was using his hands to explore the yard.
His feet were pretty useful, too.
With the yard adequately explored, we headed out for a new adventure at the beach. Little Kieran wasn’t a fan.
No worries! We headed back home for a few pictures.
And then it was snack time. Mom had a bunch of new foods ready for Kieran to try out for the first time. Like this chocolate and Cool Whip!
And then there was the orange juice.
Whoops! He got a little too excited about trying the orange juice. Happens to the best of us, Kieran!
Nothing a quick bath won’t fix.
Look at that silly hair!
What a full morning for Kieran! Playing outside, snack, bath… and now time for a nap.
It was great meeting you and spending time with your family, Kieran! I hope to see you again soon!