I had an absolute BLAST doing Kim and Danny’s engagement session. It was a night shoot and we got to walk all over Evanston (my odd obsession). A few weeks before the wedding Danny’s father passed away and then soon after, Kim’s great uncle passed away as well. The wedding was filled with tears of joy and tears of sadness. In the end, it was one of the most sincere and heartfelt weddings that I have ever experienced. I could not have asked for a better wedding to end my favorite month of the year. You two are AWESOME! I hope you had time to reflect on the day while you were on a WELL deserved honeymoon.

The beautiful bride. My good friend and makeup artist to the stars, Nika Vaughan, worked with me today. It was so cool to see her when I arrived. Kim was ROCKIN’ some red lipstick!

Kim and her mother.
Her mom helping her finish things up!
Her jewelry. Danny accidentally threw out her jewelry the first time around! AHH!! No worries…all was fine in the end.
Kim shows Danny’s mother and sister the photos ‘in memory’ of members of the family.
The ceremony begins. I love this shot!
The happy groom!
Someone was just wanting to sleep. Ha!
Love this one!
The tables were vintage movie themed! Very cool. The whole day was very old Hollywood!
The cake!
And the yummy cake being attacked!
Yup, thats how good the cake was!!!!
Both moms speak.
And Kim gets all choked up.
AH! Paparazzi!! This guys mother is a photographer and he stole her gear to get a shot of me.
I will admit that I got a little teary eyed when I edited this one…
And after the end of an early reception….we started photos!
I just LOVE this one. Thanks for doing this Danny.
Kim suggested this one. I love it!
Can you believe that right after this shot we got HAILED ON! WHAT?!?! It was crazy.
We went inside to a movie theater in Wilmette and this old photo was on the wall of ‘old school’ Wilmette.
We took advantage of the movie theme!
Ok! Can I just BEG people to do night shots?
I am SO putting this in their wedding album!
Kim and Danny were HUGE Obama supporters. They actually campaigned for him in Ohio (I believe it was Ohio?!). They also voted early because they were on their honeymoon on Election day. I am sure you already know this by now but, HE WON!!!!!!!!!!! Stay tuned for my shots from Grant Park on November 4th. It was truly amazing….kinda like this wedding. Thanks for having me!