Kim and Jon are going to be pretty hilarious to work with in August. Some of these locations were hysterical. Some, I can’t even mention. =)
Humboldt Park, it’s been a long time!
Oh YEAH! We went here.
And, um, here…
And this one…we will save for another time.
We headed back to their place for a quick change!
But first, a shot in front of their condo…
I loved what Kim decided to wear for the shoot!
STOP. So, we did.
Something is just not right with that guy on the right…
I love this spot! And yes, you will see it until they cover it up. DANG graffiti blasters.
Some mural fun!
And then we stopped at Irazu’s. Oatmeal milkshakes. Seriously. AMAZING.
And, that’s a wrap.
Can’t wait for the big day!!