It was a beautiful day for a wedding, as the view from Klarisse’s room at The Drake proved. After months of planning, the day had finally arrived for Klarisse and her fiancĂ© Jay, and they asked me to serve as photographer to document the day’s events. I started in the bride’s suite where she was getting ready with some help from her family.
Klarisse looked amazing, and was very much ready to walk the aisle!
We headed out into the city for a few quick pictures with the family before meeting up with Jay.
Meanwhile, Jay was in the trolley with his guys, heading toward the church. Doesn’t he look sharp?
Klarisse rode to the ceremony in a vintage car. Seen here with her parents, the bride and groom would use the same car after the ceremony as we travelled to and from locations.
A few minutes later we were at the church and the ceremony was beginning. After being escorted to the altar by her parents, Klarisse joined Jay and the priest began the proceedings.
After rings and vows were exchanged, our couple was pronounced husband and wife! Congratulations!
They exited the church, met by the cheers and applause of their family and friends. We didn’t waste any time, hopping right into the car to take a few portraits before the reception.
Our first stop was the Kinzie Street bridge, one of my favorite places to take couples. There was so much activity and energy that day- it seemed like everyone was out and about, enjoying the Chicago summer.
Next up was Michigan Avenue! We hit a few places along this famous street, taking pictures at the Bean before heading into the Art Institute for the reception.
Once inside the museum, we had a few minutes to spare before the newlyweds made their grand entrance. We spent the time wisely, checking out some of the world’s most famous pieces of art.
Klarisse and Jay were extremely excited to get their party started, smiling from ear to ear as we rode the elevator.
They wasted no time getting down to business, either, with Jay showing off some of his best moves as they entered. Don’t worry– he saved some for later, too!
As part of the fun, a movie highlighting moments from the couple’s lives was shown to guests.
As a special treat, the bride’s brother prepared a special performance to share with the newlyweds.
All his hard work meant a lot!
Klarisse was filled with cheers as the speeches began.
First up was her dad, who was then followed by other friends and family, all wishing the best for Klarisse and Jay.
And the best was saved for last. Jay had a special performance of his own planned out for Klarisse. You could tell he put a lot of time and effort into it, and I think the bride was very impressed!
Then everyone hit the dance floor to celebrate. These guests were ready to party, too, as you can tell from this collection of images:
As the party carried on full steam, I asked Klarisse and Jay to join me on the patio for a few nighttime shots with the skyline.
The day was so perfect and beautiful. Thank-you for sharing it with me, Klarisse and Jay, and congratulations on your marriage!