My last wedding of 2008! This was a great wedding to end the season with. This was also my first time shooting at the University Club in downtown Chicago. It was a beautiful venue!

Danielle and Kurt are in MAJOR love and it showed all day. They were also very into the photographs….and you know how much I love that! They wanted to have a winter wedding with an ‘old school’ Chicago theme. Danielle really wanted snow for the big day and her wishes came true.

When I arrived the bridesmaids were earning their keep!

Some last minute touch-ups before she went to meet Kurt for some pre-ceremony photographs!
This shot that Dawn got CRACKS ME UP! It looks like Kurt is ready to throw down with the bear. Ha.
Their first meeting…
The light was so great.
A quick shot in the Club.
Kurt buttons his bride up before we head outside.
Some ‘old school’ for ya!
Ahh! Too cool. That hat just makes it all work!!!
Keep Left!!!
Danielle was rocking out her red boots!
The peacock door at the Palmer House Hilton. Kurts father requested this one…
and I am glad he did! It reminds me of a fashion shoot that I did awhile back.
I had to use this chair in the Palmer House lobby.
Our cab driver was awesome!
We went back to grab the wedding party for some outside shots. The elevator was pretty packed!
I wanted them to get out on the ice at Millenium Park but they wouldnt let us. BOO! Oh well, this is too funny.
Danielle actually had a second dress for the ceremony so that she could play in the snow. This is a shot of her touching up before family portraits.
How cute is the red tie! He was patiently waiting his turn for family portraits.
The ceremony begins. Danielles grandmother is seated and ready for the BIG SHOW.
She was ready too! This picture makes me think of a Robert DeNiro voice ‘Eyyy, what you looking at’. I know, I am weird.
She spots me in the aisle shooting the ceremony!
They are such a fun couple. They were even making some crazy faces during the ceremony!
Another one…
This may be one of my favorite ceremony shots ever!
The amazing view from the ballroom.
A speech.
The band was late so Kurts father and mother stepped out into the lobby and did some dancing of their own. I am really glad they did because I love this shot!
The first dance. I am in love with the light glare!!!
Some dancing…
We stepped out for some night shots. People….night shots RULE!!!!
Check out Obama watching the magic happen! Ha.
Catchin’ snowflakes.
She is like ‘WHAT, you went outside!?!?’.
Just a detail shot that I wanted to share.
Some crazy ladies.
Some crazy friends… I love the lady on the right doing her ‘Top Model’ pose. WAIT….she is the same crazy lady from above!
Aww…. Danielles grandmother and grandfather were great. Her grandmother is a HOOT!
And my favorite shot of the night. This could be one of my all time favorite shots! Chicago and snow…go figure!
To any of you who read my blog…..thanks for checking me out in ’08. There will many more posts to come!!!!