Layla was bright-eyed and bushy tailed when I arrived for her shoot.
Her mom and dad asked me to come over and take pictures of their happy little girl who, by the way, is a non-stop smile machine.
Especially when Dad throws her up in the air.
Whew! Time for a breather!
Layla and her whole family took their places for a portrait. Her puppy did such a great job of posing. (I’ll give you three tries to guess the doggie’s name.)
Layla got a little more comfortable for the next round of shooting.
Happy as could be!
Layla was working hard for the camera, so Mom decided to give her a little snack.
Snack time began with some new flavors.
Those lemons were sour!
Mom dished up something a little more yummy next.
I had a great time photographing you and your family, Layla! I hope to see your smiling face again soon!