Lisa and Mark are getting married in August, and we met up a few weeks ago for their engagement shoot. They preferred meeting in the early morning, and that was fine by me! We pretty much had the run of the locations we stopped at, including this, our first stop in Lincoln Park.
This particular spot has special meaning for Lisa and Mark- on one of their first dates, they sat at this statue and talked. Lisa recalls that Mark was incredibly shy. He couldn’t bring himself to hold her hand, but sat reeeaaaal close to her.
They’ve come a long way since! This is one of the most openly affectionate couples I’ve worked with… you can tell that they’re crazy for each other!
Next stop was North Avenue beach, where Lisa took some gorgeous photos while wearing her hat. She’s a natural in front of the camera!
This is another special spot for the two of them. On weekends, they would frequently ride bikes from Uptown to this spot, bringing along a picnic lunch. They would find a comfy spot, then sit and talk for hours on end.
When our time at the beach was finished, we crossed back through the tunnel and headed into the downtown area.
We cruised by some of Lisa and Mark’s favorite city spots, including Zanies- where they had one of their first dates. They fondly recall how a few drinks, the darkness and a comedy show helped loosen them up during those first awkward hours.
Tarantino’s is another meaningful spot for Lisa and Mark. It’s the place where Mark opened up for the first time and shared his feelings for Lisa. I’m sure they’ll be having special dinners here for years!
Devil Dawgs is a pet project for Mark. It’s a fun business venture for the couple and they love coming here for the fries!
We stopped by this condo building for a portrait and Lisa shared this story: “This was (and still technically is mine) our little love nest. Mark would come down into the city on Friday afternoon and leave Monday morning. It was small but beautifully cozy, and we were never more than 15 ft away from each other. We renovated this together and it has a very special place in our hearts. The girls in there now just got engaged so we like to say it has something to do with the love nest!”
Love nest, indeed! What a beautiful way to end the shoot.
I’m looking forward to seeing you again in just a few weeks for your wedding, Lisa and Mark! I can’t wait for what I’m sure will be an unforgettable event!