Liz, Mark and I met up to spend the afternoon traveling the city and taking some engagement photos.
We found a lucky penny right off the bat!
We started the gorgeous afternoon off by shooting around Lake Michigan.
It didn’t look like it would fit, but Mark thought he’d try his key anyway.
I’m not so sure he would want to go inside, though.
While we were in the neighborhood, they took me to Ina’s. She serves some of the best breakfast in the city!
Ina herself came out to say ‘hello’. She is going to be officiating their wedding too!
After a couple cups of coffee (not really), we hit the road again.
Mark decided to loosen up a bit.
And Liz decided to stretch out and get comfortable.
Watch out, Mark!
We continued our walk around the neighborhood.
Time for the sunglasses! Gotta love Illinois in summer!
I love the pastel colors of this mural.
We found another funky mural to shoot in front of…
… underneath the El tracks! I would have plugged my ears, too, if it weren’t for the camera in my hands.
We moved on to someplace a little quieter.
It was a lot of fun shooting with you, Liz and Mark! I can’t wait to work with you both again at your wedding this weekend.