It was Lizzie’s wedding day, and her bridesmaids wanted everything to go off without a hitch. They gave Liz a bell so she could ring if she needed anything. Now that’s service!
The bridesmaids lost focus for a minute when a handsome visitor stopped by.
Liz, an elementary school teacher, was given some wise advice from her students before school dismissed for the summer. She shared them with the wedding guests by displaying them at the reception.
Some last minute makeup…
One very important final touch: This is Liz’s mother who passed away. Liz held this close to remind her of her mother throughout the day.
She was all done up and ready to go. We jumped in a cab… luckily it had air-conditioning! It was a typical steamy Chicago summer afternoon.
We arrived at the lily pond so that Liz and Mark could have their first meeting.
There was an audience to cheer them on. Good thing Liz is great with kids!
Here’s Mark, giving Liz a big hug after seeing her for the first time.
This wonderful couple is blessed with lots of great friends and family. The members of the wedding party joined up for a group shot before leaving the park.
And boy, did we ever have a surprise waiting for us in the parking lot.
Thank heaven, 7-Eleven!
Slurpees were the perfect treat after the first part of our pre-wedding photo session.
Everyone piled on the party bus. Liz took advantage of an opportunity to kick her feet up and show off her pretty pink wedding shoes.
After a quick clean-up, we hit some of the couple’s favorite neighborhood spots to take more photos.
The gang was all-in on that plan.
We got off the bus and Liz gave some love back to the people on the street who were cheering for the couple.
That sun was bright! Time for sunglasses.
The whole group was having fun while we explored the Uptown neighborhood.
Yes, this happened. Welcome to Uptown.
Liz chose some hardworking bridesmaids! Here they are, trying their best to cool her off.
Of all the places to relieve yourself! No, not really. He was emptying the broken beer bottle from a bit earlier.
Liz’s brother rounded up the troops…
…and we got back on the party bus.
The tour continued as we took some pictures with this whimsical mosaic.
A sunny mural for a sunny day and a sunnier couple.
We were having a blast, but it was time to wrap it up…
…the guests at The Saddle and Cycle Club were getting into position for the ceremony.
Their officiant was none other than Ina, Chicago’s breakfast queen! She’s a close friend of the family, and caught a ride with Mark to the ceremony site.
Mark took his place and watched as Liz made her way up to join him.
Her dad walked her down the aisle to give her away.
Liz took Mark’s hands and Ina began the ceremony.
Liz’s brother was all smiles as he watched his sister get married.
Mark’s brother also served as best man for the day.
A friend of Liz and Mark’s gave a dynamic reading.
Then the big moment. Mark started off by making his vow to Liz.
The rings were presented to the couple in a Ball jar. The rings had a special significance as Mark’s ring was made from Liz’s mom’s gold necklace, and Liz’s ring was one that was worn by her mother.
The ring bearer did a great job of fulfilling his responsibilities.
The guest blew bubbles for the newlywed’s walk back down the aisle.
All the guests followed Liz and Mark back up the clubhouse for the reception.
Liz, who loves to craft, played a big hand in creating the details of the wedding.
These colorful “flowers” were on all the tables. The real flowers were designed by Kent Stewart.
Meanwhile, Mark’s niece and nephew were with the guests enjoying cocktail hour.
Mark’s niece showed off her pretty wedding dress for some pictures.
Liz’s brother enjoyed a drink while he visited with friends and family.
Everyone had some laughs before heading inside.
Liz and Mark make their big entrance…
…then shared their first dance as husband and wife.
A friend of the couple’s played their first dance song.
Liz’s dad thanked the guests for coming and shared his happiness for his daughter and son-in-law.
Liz’s brother gave a toast in honor of the couple.
Next up were Mark’s brother and niece.
Mark grabbed his mom and shared a mother-son dance with her.
Mary from Toast & Jam provided the music AND the dance lessons for the evening.
After a great dinner catered by The Saddle and Cycle Club, the guests were ready to party.
And no better way to get the party started than by dancing the worm!
This guest chose to not test out her worm-dancing skills.
The party was a smashing good time!
Drink up, Liz! It’s your party!
Congratulations, Liz and Mark, and thanks for sharing your day with me! You two really know how to have a good time!