Say hey to Logan, if you can find him!
Logan and his mom were planning a trip to the beach and I tagged along to take some photos.
It was his first time on the sand, and Logan was curious about it.
Look at Logan striking a pose!
Logan made himself a little more comfortable and set out to explore the beach.
Mom caught up with her beach bum and went in for a hug.
Mom dressed Logan in his hoodie. He was a little bummed we were leaving the beach…
…but he brightened up when he heard where we were going next.
The playground! Logan hung out in the swings for a bit.
Then he showed how brave he was by checking out the slide.
Logan was having a blast on the playground equipment, but took a few minutes for a round of peek-a-boo.
What an afternoon! Logan played his heart out.
Thanks for hanging out, Logan!