Lucas and his family were spending the day at Chicago’s Botanic Garden and invited me to come along.
Lucas was super-excited to explore the park and have his pictures taken.
RIght off the bat, Lucas had a case of the giggles.
We checked in with mom and dad…
…and then he was off!
Lucas spent a few minutes checking out the fountain…
…and then got to climb up a tree.
Mom and dad joined up for a family shot…
…but there’s no time to sit still! There’s too much to see!
Dad helped Lucas back down to the ground…
…and mom snuck in for some cuddles.
My personal favorite time of the day… snack time!
A quick break…
…and Lucas was ready to go again.
Lucas loved the water features at the garden. He could have spent the whole time there with mom and dad.
Our time was up, and we got one last family shot in before I took off.
I hated to go, too, Lucas! But I hope to see you again soon!