I met Margo at the Westin River North to begin photographing her wedding day. When I arrived at the room, she was just finishing up her hair and make up. I took the opportunity to shoot some details around the room.
Like her something borrowed sitting on her wedding day ring.
…and her earrings.
One of her bridesmaids helped her out with the toes.
I love these shoes.
Hair and make up, check! Jo and Roshelle from Sonia Roselli’s Studio helped Margo with the style!
The time was drawing near… time to put on the dress.
Dressed up and ready to go. Cheers!
Here’s the groom, Steve. He’s contemplating a last-second change to his look.
Margo, meanwhile, makes her way out of the Westin and heads to a bridge where Steve was waiting for her.
Passers-by stopped to wish them well on the big day.
The day wasn’t complete without the rest of the family, though. Her sister greeted them with one of their best friends.
James and Rocco were excited to see them.
Posing with the pups in front of the school bus that they rented for their wedding day travels.
James and Rocco made sure that a little piece of them was present at the ceremony.
The best man did his best job cleaning up the aftermath!
Margo boards the bus for the journey around town!
These guys were getting warmed up for the day.
While the others loaded up the bus, we caught a few pictures on the bridge.
The wedding party joined us for a group shot.
I love this one!
The wedding party ditched the bride and groom for this shot.
Margo looked great! I love this one of her.
Next we headed to the train yard to scope out some locations.
Steve and a garage door!
Then back on to the bus.
This is probably my favorite spot of 2010.
The guys dazzled me with their mad yo-yo skills.
For a minute.
Another group shot.
And then a couple of shots of Steve and Margo in the tall grass.
Um, look at those legs. Margo was rocking it!
Then it was time to go back to the bus.
I was sticking my tongue out at her, too.
Look at this posse!
We stopped to toss the pigskin around for a minute.
Tracy was a bridesmaid and the officiant. Talk about double duty. She also was with Margo the night she met Steve!
While the guys played ball, some of the bridesmaids dressed up with these masks. Appropriate for a Halloween weekend wedding!
Off to the Banksy wall.
More football!
Ouch. That one hurt. I need insurance.
Steve made these awesome masks. James and Rocco have never looked better.
The best man and maid of honor were put to work.
A quick kiss, then on to Prairie Productions for the ceremony.
This is the one guest who dressed up for Halloween. He gets huge props from me! Diggin’ the tie.
Tracy and Steve are really happy that Margo didn’t get cold feet! =)
Margo’s dad walks her down the aisle.
Margo’s mother.
Steve’s mother.
Margo joins Steve at the altar.
And Tracy begins the ceremony.
Steve gives his mom a hug.
Margo gives her dad a kiss.
This guy, mugging for the camera…
Margo stated her vows…
and Steve delivered his vows to Margo.
It’s a wrap!
Steve’s father gives a blessing.
And then Margo’s parents address the guests.
I caught the best man practicing his speech.
He did a fine job!
Her sister gives her speech.
Their first dance was out of control.
They had everyone join them.
Margo’s mom catches a few pictures.
Then everyone joined in. Laura of Toast and Jam served as DJ for the evening.
312 Photo Booth was there, and they brought their props!
After a wonderful dinner prepared by Hearty Boys, the guests enjoyed drinks and dancing.
Mop-up is always a sign of a good party!
Get down!
Ah, c’mon! You know you want to dance!
Margo and Steve take their turn at the photo booth.
Cupcakes! There were made by Sensational Bites. Margo is good friends with the owner. How convenient!
I took a trip around the room, checking out some of the details.
The flowers were all designed by Elizabeth at Asrai Garden.
And here are the rings. Steve proposed to Margo at their place with tons of votive candles spelling out “Will you marry me?”. I thought this was only appropriate.
Thanks for sharing the day with me, Margo and Steve! Congrats!!!