Mark and Melissa got married at one of my favorite venues, the Botanic Gardens. Melissa was just finishing up her make-up, which was done by Shear Elegance when I arrived at her hotel.
Her niece was waiting patiently while Melissa finished up.
A quick shot of her wedding day earrings.
Meanwhile, Mark was in his hotel room getting ready.
Jenny was hanging out with the guys and got this shot. I am not sure what’s going on here but it seems funny. =)
Here’s Mark taking a look at his gift from Melissa.
Time to head to the Botanic Garden! Melissa and her sister were both giddy with excitement!
Mark and his brother make their way across the gardens to meet up with Melissa.
They stopped to check out some of the cool landscaping.
Mark checks the time and realizes that we are running behind. I think this is wedding day norm!
She arrived a few minutes later and gave Mark a quick kiss.
We made our way to as many great spots as we could before we met up with the family for more photos.
Mark takes a picture of his bride.
The best man and maid of honor look on from a distance.
The wedding party moves on, arm in arm to the next stop.
I think I actually said “pretend you are walking in Oz”. It worked!
One last picture…
And that’s a wrap!
Melissa’s dad was there and greeted his daughter with a kiss.
This little guy was a riot! It’s hard for the little guys to stand still for family pictures!
He became the star of the show!
Mark’s mom and dad…
Here’s Melissa’s nephew, who was sharing his 11th birthday with the couple. He needed help from mom this year.
The gates were open and ready for the guests to arrive.
The chuppah…
Love this one.
Mark and his parents wait patiently for the ceremony to begin.
it was a beautiful day for an outdoor ceremony.
The flower girls…
Time for Melissa to enter with her father. Her mother looks so proud!
Mark waits for her grand entrance.
A perfect ceremony site!
The rabbi leads the couple and their guests in prayer.
They exchanged their vows. Mazel Tov!
They requested a peanut butter and jelly sandwich post ceremony.
Just enough time to practice their first dance.
Here’s Melissa’s bouquet. All her flowers were done by Kehoe Designs. Jenny rocked this shot out!
More details…
Their delicious vegan wedding cake was made by Sweet Dreams Organic Bakery.
The grand finale to Mark and Melissa’s first dance!
They really impressed the crowd!
Then Melissa had a dance with her father.
And Mark danced with his mother.
Melissa’s dad thanked the guests for sharing the day with his family.
I love this shot of Melissa.
Mark and Melissa listened contentedly as speeches were given.
The maid of honor toasts the couple.
Hora time!
The parents get in on the action.
Party time!
I was loving the costumes!
I love the hand trying to steal the fruit!
Style Matters provided the music for the reception.
Melissa and her friends tore up the dance floor!
So did her mom!
They even had cake for the birthday boy!
The wedding rings.
Thanks for sharing your big day with me, Mark and Melissa! Congratulations on your marriage!