Can you believe this cutie?
Her name is Marlowe, and she’s the daughter of Dan and Christine, whose wedding I photographed back in 2009.
I adore Dan and Christine, and couldn’t wait to meet the newest addition to their family. Marlowe was excited, too… both for meeting me and for trying out the fresh carrot that mommy gave her.
I think the crunchy carrot was a big hit!
With her snack all gone, dad boosted Marlowe up onto his shoulders, and we went for a walk around the neighborhood.
Such a happy family!
You know that Marlowe is the center of their universe… each time Dan or Christine looked at her, you could see the love in their eyes.
I think Marlowe’s favorite spot is on her dad’s shoulders… it’s a great view from up there.
Marlowe, just hanging out.
We found a tire swing and Christine jumped in with no hesitation.
When it came time for Marlowe’s turn, though, she had some reservations.
Nothing dad can’t fix!
Marlowe! I had such a great time meeting you and visiting with your family. I hope to see you again very soon!