It was Edwin and Mary’s wedding day, and I was tagging along with them to photograph the celebration. The day kicked off in Mary’s hotel suite as she was finishing her preparations.
This cup of go-go juice came in handy, I’m sure!
The bride was gorgeous and ready to see her groom. But first things first….
Mary was planning on doing some smoochin’ so she did a thorough job scrubbing her teeth before heading out the door.
Edwin was waiting on the street divider near the LaSalle Bridge.
He lit up when he turned around and had his first look at his bride.
And then we were off! The LaSalle street bridge was right next to us, so it was the obvious first choice to begin taking portraits.
After a few rounds of solo pictures, Mary and Edwin’s wedding party jumped in for a few group shots.
A photo of Edwin and his groomsmen wrapped things up on the bridge…
…and then we moved to the lily pond at Lincoln Park.
The wedding party were willing to travel anywhere for pictures…
…and I was impressed at their efforts to keep cool. It was really hot that day!
We gave the rest of the wedding party a break, sending them back to the bus while Mary, Edwin and I wandered around the park for the following series of portraits.
Whew! That was a lot of pictures! Edwin cracked open an ice cold beer when we climbed on board the bus.
Mary’s sister’s reaction after taking a pull from the flask was priceless.
Mary’s other sister spent some time happily chatting with Mary’s niece as the bus moved along to our next destination.
And her little nephew wasn’t afraid to stare down the camera.
It was fun having the nieces and nephews along for the bus ride. It added a lot of energy!
The next stop was the Burwood Tap. Mary was working here when she and Edwin first met.
Edwin and most of his groomsmen hail from Louisiana, and Edwin was quick to show his Cajun pride!
The wedding party filed in…
…and the shots were lined up.
Mary proved herself to be a responsible and efficient bartender.
And Edwin is her favorite customer.
Whew! 91 degrees that day!
It made the cold beers taste all the more better.
The bride and her attendants took some pictures together…
…while the guys were up to no good in the bathroom.
Mary’s nephew was unable to ignore the call of the delicious popcorn.
The two of them were quick to dive in. They ate quickly, as we had to keep moving on to the ceremony and reception…
…which were held at Galleria Marchetti.
Mary and I were taking a few pictures in the courtyard…
…when she got stung by a bee. How rude!
Edwin, ever the gentleman, iced it for her before we continued shooting.
With a few minutes remaining before the ceremony, Mary’s sister made some touch-ups to the bride’s makeup.
Meanwhile, Edwin was greeting guests as they arrived. Here, the groom shares a few words with his mother.
A few minutes later, Edwin was in place, watching as Mary was escorted down the aisle.
The bride was given away by her oldest brother to begin the ceremony.
The sky was beginning to cloud over, but the spirits of the wedding party were bright.
The bride and groom were smiling ear to ear as they made their wedding vows to each other.
One young guest pointed out a group of dark clouds headed our way…
…that a groomsman noticed as well.
The winds picked up and blew Mary’s veil around.
Unfazed, Mary and Edwin exchanged their rings and were declared to be husband and wife. Congratulations!
And not a moment too soon! Shortly after everyone made their way inside, the skies opened up and the rain poured.
It could rain all it wanted to outside… we were too busy starting the party inside with a Second Line Parade.
Mary and Edwin danced through the venue as the band played.
One young party goer saw the distraction as the perfect opportunity to jump behind the bar. Get me a Diet Coke, wouldja, buddy?
The parade ended in Gallery Marchetti’s tent, where the tables were set and ready for the wedding banquet.
As dinner was being served, friends and family lined up with toasts. First up was Edwin’s Best Man.
Next up was Mary’s sister- who was also the Maid of Honor- with her speech in honor of the newlyweds.
Then the couple thanked their guests for sharing the day with them.
Mary and Edwin hit the dance floor for their first dance together as husband and wife.
Then Edwin got the party started by shaking his tail feather!
These guests were ready to throw down- and throw back a couple of shots!
Edwin was given the royal treatment by his groomsmen…
…while Mary’s sister danced along with the tracks laid down by DJ Eric from Okyne Media Lab.
She wasn’t alone! Guests of all ages were showing off their best moves.
Mary’s two brothers were right in the middle of it, too.
The party was off to a fantastic start!
There were some surprises left in the evening. This young party-goer’s jaw dropped…
…and looks of surprise came over the guests face when they saw…
…the luchador masks come out!
NOW it was really a party!
Peace out!
Thanks for an awesome time, Edwin and Mary, and congratulations on your marriage!