I spent this past New Year’s Eve here in Chicago with Meg and Brian who wanted to start off 2011 as man and wife. This was my first New Years Eve wedding and it was so much fun!
Here’s Meg, with her bridesmaids helping her with the finishing touches.
I loved the way the strings from her dress were laying on the table. Found art. Yup, that’s what I am going to call it. =)
It’s not easy getting in a wedding dress!
Meg looked beautiful. Her hair and make-up were done by stylists working with Parto Naderi.
Here are the groomsmen, who all grabbed umbrellas before heading out into the unusually warm and rainy December day.
Braxton took some great images of their journey to the church.
And here’s our groom, Brian, on his way to tie the knot.
Meg had a lot of help getting on the party bus. Nobody, especially her, wanted mud on that gorgeous dress.
Meg is one of five children. Her oldest brother, Josh, recently passed away. He was a father figure/best friend to her and her siblings. It must have been a sign, because as we were heading to the ceremony a song came on the radio that helped them through their grieving process.

Meg recently told me that hearing the song in the limo was a mixed blessing. “It was a ‘Josh’ moment, but it was difficult to have those emotions before we walked into the church”, she said.

I want to thank her for letting me share these moments on the blog. This is Meg’s mother as the song begins to play.

Her sister.
She held hands with her sister before making her way to the church.
She checks for rain and it’s still coming down. No worries. The rain ended as soon as the ceremony did!
The beautiful St. Michael’s in Old Town.
Meg’s father proudly escorts her down the aisle.
And Brian lights up when he sees his bride.
Her mother checks out Brian smiling from ear to ear.
The couple sits and take each other’s hands as the priest begins the ceremony.
Meg and Brian take their place at the alter for a prayer before the vows.
Meg and the candle that was lit in remembrance of her brother.
Meg and Brian approach the alter to deliver their vows.
Meg smiling as she listens to Brian make his promise.
It’s official!
A final blessing from the priest.
With the ceremony over, we ducked out to Meg and Brian’s condo to take some pictures.
This may be one of my only pictures of a groom carrying his bride over the threshold!
This is their dog, Chase. He was waiting patiently for us to come home to take his picture.
Chase was happy for his parents!
That’s right!
Meanwhile, the party was getting started on the bus.
We joined the group and headed out into the city for pictures.
The wedding party was so full of energy and New Year’s spirit. The rain really made the streets glow!
It was a miracle that Meg’s dress didn’t get completely covered in mud! She was a trooper.
On the bus, the bridesmaids took turns admiring the wedding band.
We jumped out for a few shots on Michigan Avenue.
Reception time! Meg and Brian hosted at the Hotel Knickerbocker downtown.
Meg ducks into the bridal suite for a quick touch up before making her grand entrance.
Their elegant cake, made by Sarah’s Candies was waiting for them.
I loved the wrapped leaf detail for the place cards.
They had some crazy intros! Check out the fishing line. Nice!
Meg and Brian make their entrance into the reception hall.
Then they get ready to dig into that cake!
Meg’s father delivered a welcome toast before the dinner was served.
While people were eating, the best man toasted the newlyweds.
Then her sister gave her best wishes to the couple.
Meg got a little choked up.
With dinner eaten and cake served, the couple share their first dance.
Then the parents have their turn with the father-daughter and mother-son dances.
The dance floor opened up for some of the craziest antics that I have ever seen on a dance floor!! It was awesome!

DeJa Vu Band provided the dancing tunes for the evening.

The energy was high as people partied through the last few hours of 2010.
Look! It’s Kristine and Adam. I photographed their wedding too.
Brian’s brother points something out to me…
Oh! Drunk people in the balcony. This wedding was insane!
The staff was bombarded by guests wanting to wear silly things and make loud noises for the new year.
Be careful!
Better secure that hat… it’s about time!
She was not playing around.
People just couldn’t contain themselves.
That’s right. It’s a real life wedding crasher. They were later kicked to the curb.
Midnight was rapidly approaching.
The band gears up for the countdown.
3… 2… 1…

They surprised everyone with confetti launchers!

Streamers filled the dance floor as Meg and Brian kissed.
Everyone was kissing the groom for good luck.
Meg and her dad.
Her brother-in-law got a show of his own.
Meg’s mom kept the party going by grabbing a tambourine and joining the band.
The Knickerbocker will never be the same!
The last of the streamers hit the floor.
And the party carries on well into 2011.
The cutest note that Brian wrote for Meg back in junior high. Needless to say, a match made in heaven.
I can’t think of a better way to ring in 2011. Congratulations to Meg and Brian!