Mel and Jason live in Michigan, but love Chicago so much they decided to get married here! They had an action-packed wedding day in the city planned for themselves and their guests that started at Holy Name Cathedral. I started my time with them just before the ceremony started.

The first thing that I remember her saying before she walked in the church was how she felt like Carrie from the Sex and the City movie. Ha!

Here’s Mel being walked down the aisle. This church is beautiful!
Her dad lifts her veil and Jason gets a first look at his bride.
Jason’s dad.
Mel’s parents exchange a glance as the ceremony gets underway.
Her sister.
Mel’s dad was checking out the amazing ceiling of the church for a moment.
The couple begins to exchange their vows.
Mel glances back at her guests. She’s married!
Another shot of this amazing cathedral.
The ceremony is complete, and our party leaves the church to venture out into the windy city! The rain started to pour right after their ceremony.
The rain even caused an accident as the guests for the next ceremony were heading inside.
Everyone is handed an itinerary for the “Tour De Chicago” when they get on the school bus. Lots of great stops on the tour!
Miraculously, the rain ended right as the school bus headed to our first stop…
The Wiener’s Circle!
Mel can barely contain her excitement!
Jason chows down.
Ketchup? On a Chicago hot dog? Unheard of!
Teeth check!
The wedding party poses for a group shot.
The owner himself! He was walking his dog and stopped for a picture. Very cool.
Heading back to the bus after a great snack.
One for the road…
No, you can’t go back for seconds!
On to the next stop!
There was a lot of energy on the bus. Her brother was definitely not camera shy!
Jason’s socks demonstrate how green was the unifying color for the day.
No trip to Chicago is complete without a trip to Wrigley Field! They are huge Cub fans!
Some goofing off.
Posing by the ticket counter.
Jason next to his favorite team.
Gorgeous. Her hair was done by Bocci Salonand her make-up was done by Sonia Roselli.
And the groom knows she is gorgeous!
These shoes are _ _ _!
We leave the corner of Clark and Belmont…
…and get back on the bus! Mel’s dad checks out the bling.
Mel and Jason brought their best friends with them! We had to stop in to see how they were doing!
They were happy to see their humans!
Some pictures with the bride.
Big, sloppy kisses!
The wedding party posed in front of this colorful mural.
Strike a pose! This guy was very excited about our stop at Millennium Park!
Her brother was getting tired from all of the stops. This guy helped him out.
A tour of Chicago would not be complete without a stop to Millennium Park.
Playing with the Emergency Exit is a big no-no!
Unless it’s for pictures. Then it’s cool.
Mel’s bouquet. Asrai Garden provided the florals!
Poor Jason, getting bullied on the bus.
Our last stop was the spot that Jason popped the question.
He proposed after they went to see Wicked together. Mel loves Wicked even more now than she did before.
Mel and Jason smooch before arriving at the final destination…
Gino’s East on Superior!
Mmmmmm…. this makes me hungry just looking at it.
Gino’s is full of welcomed graffiti. It makes it so fun to eat (and party) there!
The guest list.
The directions are hard to follow, but it’s like riding a bike. Once you learn how to do it, you never forget.
Heh, heh. They wrote ‘wieners’.
They had a candle lit throughout the party to remember the family and friends that had passed.
Cake, too!?! Bittersweet Bakery did a great job on making their wedding cake! Cake and pizza. Seriously? I have died and gone to wedding heaven.
Mel does a quick change!
You know the party’s in full swing when the bubbles come out!
A quick kiss…
…then on to tasting the cake!
A little something to wash it all down with.
The party was crazy.
Showing off his wedding day duds.
Look! Her father spots a fist pump.
Her mother and friend shows them how to dance to Thriller.
The tunes were provided by DJ Taylor P from The Pros.
May the good times keep on comin’!
M+J=4EVER. I had a great time hanging out with you guys for your big Chicago wedding! You guys hit all the best spots and, my personal favorite, had a lot of great food! Congratulations on your marriage!