Melissa and Jesse asked me to come to NYC to shoot their engagement session. Very cool! I met Jesse during Amy and Davids wedding this past June. Jesse was the groomsmen that I called ‘the camera hog’. I LOVE that. Of course, I was thrilled when they asked me to shoot the wedding.

We started near Melissas work and grabbed a quick shot in the road before we headed out…

Melissa was told about a place near Chelsea Pier and so we headed there next. The light was so great!
There were tons of cool spots to shoot!
And then we were off for more photos!
You know that I am all about the graffiti. I LOVED IT!
This street is insane! The light, the brick streets…AH!
Um, how about Melissa’s legs? Wow! I love this shot.
I think Melissa is checking that guy out…
And then we headed to Times Square for a quick hotdog. Yes, Amy and David, we copied this from your wedding day. =) I made them do it!!!
And Times Square at night!
We walked to the train to head back to where we started…
And we grabbed a night shot in the same place we took our first photo. Thanks for a great night in NYC. I loved it!!