Jonathan and Melissa had some beautiful fall weather! I would have to say that it was one of the best days this year. The weather was great and the Bond Chapel at the University of Chicago is SO awesome. They had their reception at the Murphy Auditorium and it was nice to finally shoot there. Melissa works at the Smart Museum with another bride that I shot for last month, Jessica. It was nice to see Jessica and Kavi at the wedding too! Melissa and Jonathan…hope you like!
I love this shot of Melissa coming out of the restroom.
Their first meeting…
Off to take shots around campus.
The wedding party was made up of all of their siblings. I love this staircase!
The bride braved the steps for a shot.
I love this shot of her mother afraid to watch the bride on the steps!
This was fun! Thanks to Jenny for asking the students to walk around the kissing couple!
I LOVE this one. I just love what Melissa is doing….though I am not quite sure what was going on!? The building in the background is where Jonathan works.
We had to get the construction that was going on behind the chapel!
Jessica and Kavi arrive early to give their well wishes!
And the ceremony begins. Mom spots the bride coming down the aisle.
Jenny rocking out the fisheye lens!
I am so glad that I asked them to go back in the church for this one!
A few more night shots before we go inside for the party!
A speech by Jonathans dad.
The cake.
I love this shot that Jenny took. Everyone was going after the cake shots!
The first dance.
Jonathan and his mom.
Three Jenny shots on this post. I had to post this. I LOVE this one. I love that my flash went off at the perfect time and you can see just the bride and groom on the dance floor. So cool! This was my last wedding with Jenny. So sad. Have fun in California!!!!
And…the rings.