Melissa works for Blue Plate catering. MMMM. I knew the food would be amazing and I could not wait to see the rest. Everything about the day was perfect. Steve and Melissa were both up for making great images and that always makes things so much fun! Enjoy!!!!

Steve and Melissa. Wow, this is pretty accurate! Ha.

Her niece had lots of things to do. She was passing these out left and right!
A little detail.
Her dad was taking a rest before the big day.
A thumbs up from Steves sister.
Melissa asked me to take some portraits of her at their condo. I love the way these came out!
And off to meet Steve at Lincoln Park.
They were engaged on a bench in Lincoln Park. We thought this was a perfect spot for their first meeting!
I LOVE this one!
A quick shot in the park.
And we arrive at the church. The church was under construction but it was still one of the prettiest Catholic churches that I have shot in. I love this shot. He was a little dusty from the renovation!
Yes, Catholic ceremonies are long. Ha!
The amazing church!
A handshake from the priest for a job well done. I love Melissas expression in this one!
A quick shot before we head out in the cold for more pics!
Yes, we went to the Hoagie Hut!
Someone asks for a picture. Goes to show that everyone is famous on their wedding day!
The guys jump in the street for a quick shot.
Some alley shots at night!
I love this spot. I was here a few weeks ago and its nice because you do not have to wait in line for other photographers!!
Melissa suggested going to Prada. LOVE it.
Her dad waiting for us to arrive at the Newberry.
Steves sister being wacky…..again!
I love that Steve is timing the brides makeup break.
This will be the album cover! LOVE IT!
How cool is the cupcake tower?!!!
Some speeches.
The first dance.
And then the craziness begins!
Strange gazes.
Ties being pulled.
Babies flying.
Cameras snapping.
Um…you decide what is happening here. HA!
The rings.
And it all happened in here….
Thanks Steve and Melissa!!!