Michelle, Jerry and I got together recently for an afternoon engagement session. We started off close to Navy Pier at one of my favorite views of the skyline.
I love taking clients here… it’s one of those great places that’s hidden in plain view.
Skyline shots… check. Next up was the lily pond at Lincoln Park Zoo where we could work in some fall colors.
I’m glad we had our shoot when we did. Another couple of windy days and the gorgeous colors on the tree behind them would have been gone!
Michelle, Jerry and I enjoyed our walk in the woods, but we had someone else who needed to be included in on the shoot.
We jumped in the car and headed back to their home.
Their puppy Marley was watching as we took photos on the front step. He wanted to take pictures, too!
The happy family.
This is Hinckley. Michelle and Jerry were dog-sitting Hinckley while his humans were out of town. He felt left out so I gave him some attention with the camera.
The whole gang went inside where it was time for treats. Marley’s was just out of reach. Give a dog a bone!
Marley got his treat in the end, and everyone was happy.
I had a great time hanging out with you and the pups, Michelle and Jerry! I’m looking forward to seeing you again at your wedding this coming April!