It was Mickey and Aja’s wedding day! They had a fun-filled day planned out, and I was excited to be spending it with them. The festivities started with Aja, who was just getting ready to slip into her dress when I arrived.
Her hair and makeup were styled at Mario Tricoci Salon, and she looked gorgeous. One of the bridesmaids helped Aja into her wedding shoes, and our bride was good to go.
Aja’s mom beamed when she got her first look at her daughter.
Mickey and the guys got ready in the same room. Check out the custom-made Nikes! Looking good, Mickey!
Each of the groomsmen got a pair, and each pair had an individualized nickname sewn into the heel. Very cool!
Aja left the hotel, ready to meet her groom.
Mickey was waiting for Aja, too… and waiting is the hardest part! Mickey entertained himself by interacting with passers-by on the Michigan Ave. bridge. He got a ton of well-wishes from the friendly folks.
Aja and Mickey shared a big kiss after seeing each other in their wedding gear for the first time.
We began our pre-ceremony shoot in the middle of Michigan Ave.
The wedding party was close-by, waiting for their turn to play in the middle of the street.
The whole gang loaded up the bus, and we headed out to take some pictures around town.
Taking pictures is hard work…
…so Mickey stopped and got some refreshments for the gang.
They were handing out samples of booze at the grocery store, and our happy couple stopped for a quick celebratory shot.
The wedding and reception were being held at Salvage One, so we moved in a little closer to that neighborhood.
What a fun wedding party!
The guys weren’t the only ones with special shoes that day!
The beer had run it’s course. This groomsman took care of business before we headed out.
It was almost time for the ceremony! Aja posed for some pictures while she was waiting to make her entrance.
And then the big moment had arrived. Aja was walked down the aisle by her father.
Mickey couldn’t hold back the smile as he watched Aja walk the aisle.
A friend gave a reading…
…and Aja’s mom tended to her happy tears.
The happy couple exchanged their vows and rings.
Mickey’s ring was a little snug… good thing it never has to come off that finger again!
Mickey and Aja also observed traditions like donning a wedding cord…
…and lighting a unity candle.
Finally, the ceremony ended with a kiss.
Aja and Mickey led their guests out to the courtyard where cocktail hour began.
And these guests were ready to party.
Some needed a second to themselves before joining the festivities.
I took a quick shot of the wedding party…
…and then went inside to photograph details, while the guests enjoyed cocktails. Amy from Salvage One helped to make sure that each detail was perfect.
Hillary, a friend of the family’s, helped out with the floral design.
Hoosier Mama Pie Co. was responsible for this delicious beauty:
I loved the colors of Mickey’s boutonniere…
…and Aja’s bouquet.
The guests sat down for a wonderful dinner catered by Hearty Boys, and soon after, the wedding party made their entrance.
The newlyweds kicked things off with a big smooch.
Aja’s father led off the speeches by thanking everyone for spending the day with him and his family.
Aja’s maid of honor was up next with her toast to the couple.
And finally, Mickey’s best man gave his speech in honor of his friends.
Their pie topper was carefully removed…
…so they could dive into the yummy pie.
After their first bite of pie, Mickey and Aja enjoyed their first dance together as husband and wife.
Then Aja and her father enjoyed a father/daughter dance.
Mickey and his mom enjoyed a dance together as well.
Then the party really got started!
The guests had a great time cutting a rug to the tracks laid down by Cage and Aquarium.
Some motherly love…
Mickey’s dollar dance was successful!
Look at that! I’m sure they put their stash to good use on their honeymoon!
Mickey and Aja secured their newfound fortune, and we snuck away to take some quick pictures before rejoining the party.
I can not get enough of Salvage One. I could photograph in there for hours.
Congratulations, Mickey and Aja! And thanks for sharing your big day with me!