It was that time!
I met up with Molly in the bridal suite at Salvage One where her dress was hanging up and ready to go.
Check out her awesome shoes.
This handkerchief fulfilled the “something blue” requirement.
After Bethany from Twisted Scissors finished with her hair, Molly’s mom helped her secure the veil in place.
Molly was all dolled up and ready to go!
Her sister got a little misty-eyed when she saw Molly in her dress.
Her mom cried, too, and went in for a gigantic hug.
Meanwhile, back at their place, Braxton was with Patrick as he got ready. This is a fridge photo of their dog. As an important part of their family, they really wanted him represented in the pictures.
Patrick and the pup take care of some very important, last-minute business.
Big puppy kisses before heading out to Salvage One.
Molly’s cousin, who works at A Florae did the flowers. This is her getting Patrick ready for the first meeting.
He waited patiently in the courtyard of Salvage One for his bride to meet him.
And boy, was it worth the wait.
Patrick led the way as we set out to take photos of the couple.
Patrick and Molly are such a fun and creative couple.
They’re both a fan of all types of design.
They’re both musicians as well. Patrick plays guitar and they both enjoy singing.
We took the freight elevator to the rooftop.
There’s an incredible skyline view from the top of the building.
We moved the party back downstairs…
…so we could grab the rest of the wedding party…
…and hit the streets for more pictures.
The groomsmen were comparing and showing off socks.
That’s what you get for wearing solid-colored socks.
The wedding party gathered for a group shot.
Then it was almost ceremony time. We high-tailed it back to Salvage One.
It was HOT that day! Molly took a few minutes to cool herself off in front of the fan before the ceremony started.
And Patrick showed me what the original auto-tune was all about.
Then it was time for the big moment. Molly’s dad walked her down the aisle.
Her mom watched as her dad gave her away.
One of Patrick’s friends from work taped the ceremony on a vintage camera. Here he’s posted up on the fire escape above the crowd.
Patrick spots him right before the ceremony begins.
His mother.
Each bridesmaid wore a unique dress. Love the patterns, love the colors, love everything.
Our happy couple exchanged vows and rings.
And now they’re husband and wife!
The guests waved flags to welcome and congratulate the couple.
Molly’s mom and uncle get a quick picture together while showing off the hand-made flags the couple designed.
The bride was ready for her closeup!
Another brilliant idea- the programs were printed on fans that the guests could use to cool themselves with. This guy caught a breeze and landed in the water feature.
Take a look at their cake topper.
Their happily colored cake was made by Rolf’s Patisserie.
Mmmmm…. dinner menu. My mouth watered just reading this sign. Honey, mac & cheese, bacon… some of my favorite words. Their delicious dinner was prepared by C Catering Boutique.
Their centerpieces, also done by A Florae were bright and cheery.
Molly and Patrick purchased many of the items used for decor at thrift shops and Etsy. They will be opening up their own Etsy store very soon. You can purchase some amazing finds from their website, So Great To See You.
I heart Chicago buttons were free for the taking…
…in exchange for a sign-in at the guestbook.
Not so much a sign as much as a type. Very cool idea!
The tables were set and ready to go.
Patrick and Molly made their grand entrance into the reception, met by applause and cheers from the guests.
Her dad was the first one at the mic, and gave a speech thanking everyone for sharing the day with him and his family.
Next up was Molly’s sister, who also served as Maid of Honor, with her toast to the newlyweds.
Then Molly and Patrick treated the guests by perfuming a song together.
They both sang…
…while Patrick strummed on his guitar.
Molly’s mom smiled all throughout the performance.
Patrick’s brother lent his talent as well and joined them for the last song
Her sister couldn’t hold back the happy tears any longer.
Patrick sang his heart out!
And then the couple danced their first dance as husband and wife.
Next up, Molly and her father shared a dance.
The guests were all very respectful of each other. These two made sure to leave some space for the Holy Spirit.
Patrick’s mom and dad cut a rug together.
Rachel from Toast & Jam kept the hits coming. The dance floor was on fire!
Who let these two get into the wigs? I gotta admit… it kinda works for them.
It was that kind of a dance floor.
I had an awesome time working with you, Patrick and Molly. Thanks for sharing the day with me, and congratulations on your marriage!