I’ve got some more client invitations to show off to you guys!

The first one is for Debra and Richard who are getting married this summer.
Her friend Elisabeth Barton from Life of Leo Designs helped them design them.
This is some of the packaging they used to make sure the invites got to their destinations in pristine condition.
This next invitation was sent out to announce the marriage of Tamara and Robert, who are getting married next month.

Her friend Andrea helped Tamara come up with the idea of using books for her invitations. I love this idea. Andrea also works in the wedding industry. Check out her site here.

Tamara went to estate sales and stocked up on used books.
30 or so of them came from the Streator Public Library with the proceeds going towards the library’s restorations.
Tamara is a serious bookworm, and her love of books is apparent in these invitations. There were almost 26 steps involved in creating each invite. Her very patient friends helped her out and those 26 steps will not be missed!
One of the first steps was affixing the sleeve which held all the important info.
Then they had to glue pages together, hallow them out, then paste on the decorative foil. Whew! What a job!
But totally worth it, don’t you think?
I’m so lucky to have such creative clients. Can’t wait to see how their creativity manifests at their weddings!