This is Natalie…
…and her (now) husband Nick.
These two Indiana natives were visiting Chicago with a mission… to visit the courthouse and return to their home as husband and wife!
They invited me to tag along with them to document the day. I was more than happy to drive them around the city, showing off some of my favorite spots for pictures.
They were grinning from ear to ear, having fun and getting excited for their ‘I do’s’.
I was excited, too, because the weather was being very cooperative and allowed me to photograph Nick and Natalie with some new art that popped up over the winter. The next set of pictures were some of my favorite from our time in Pilsen.
And, of course, I had to take them to the lake front for pictures with the skyline. You can’t get married in Chicago and NOT take a handful of photos with the buildings. It’s a law, I swear.
Finally, the time had arrived! Nick and Natalie worked out some last-minute jitters…
…and then made their way to visit the judge.
This was the best investment Nick has ever made.
Now the hard part… sitting still while waiting for their turn with the judge!
Soon enough, the wait was over…
…and the marriage proceedings began.
The judge had some words of wisdom for the couple…
…and then they exchanged rings and vows.
The ceremony ended with the judge declaring them to be husband and wife.
I ended my time with Nick and Natalie with one final shot of the happy couple outside of the courthouse.
All the best to you both, Nick and Natalie! Thank-you for sharing the beginning of your marriage with me!