Nick, Cora and I got together last week for their engagement session. Nick, a chef, and Cora are both foodies and chose to begin their shoot at Lincoln Park’s Green City Market. Mmmm… crêpes. We’ll have some of those!
They took their crêpes and found a nice, shady spot to eat.
Good stuff!
They couldn’t leave without checking out some of the fresh herbs for sale.
We were in a plant-based mood after browsing at the vegetables, so we headed over to nearby A New Leaf for some pics in their courtyard.
I sometimes wish I could live at A New Leaf.
Nick and Cora a fun couple, and totally relaxed in front of the camera right off the bat. I could tell already that this was going to be a great shoot.
After a quick outfit change we made our way to this dock on the Chicago River just next to the Kinzie St. bridge.
Then we jumped in my car and began the tour of my favorite city murals.
Nick and Cora are getting married this September at Wooden Gallery in Ukrainian Village. I’ve never shot there, and I’m excited to try it out!
As I mentioned before, Nick is a professional chef. He spends his days working long hours as head chef at Real Kitchen… and loves every minute of it.
Our walk led us to this slaughterhouse. I LOVED that these two were all about going inside to check it out.
Isn’t it romantic?
Then we were back on the streets, checking out the sights.
According to the internet, Marché is French for walking, market and/or contract. Hmmm. I wonder which meaning the artist had in mind.
Walking around taking pictures is hard work! We deserved a break.
Luckily we were near Black Dog Gelato.
Nick ordered up a couple of tasty treats for he and Cora to enjoy.
The couple that eats gelato together…
Black Dog Gelato is good stuff!
Nick loved it so much he went back for seconds!
Thanks for a great afternoon, Nick and Cora. I look forward to seeing you again at your wedding this September!