Nick and Emi tied the knot on the day of the huge summer storm! We were lucky enough to get some great images before the storm came rolling through.
I love the Hotel Allegro. The interior is perfect! The dress looked awesome hanging against this great wallpaper in her bridal suite.
Emi’s mother helps her with the dress.
Her mother was telling me how to frame the perfect shot! =)
The beautiful bride!
We headed outside to meet up with Nick.
She was so excited!
He was patiently waiting.
A very Chicago first meeting!
A quick shot before we left the hotel and headed around town.
We got a shot like this from their engagement session. Take two!
We found a great spot for some photos!
I love this one.
I was loving this staircase.
The texture and colors of this garage door were awesome.
The rain started to come down a bit.
We kept shooting!
We arrived at A New Leaf when the storm was in full force. We couldn’t even try to shoot outside!
We did a quick photo shoot at A New Leaf before their ceremony.
The guests started arriving to the ceremony.
I love this shot of the tape that marked the spots where they stood during the ceremony.
The music.
She was ready for the ceremony to start!
Nick’s mother watches him as he spots his bride.
Only if she had on pearls. Dang!
Emi’s mother and father escort her down the aisle.
The vows.
They incorporated a saki ceremony into their vows.
They did it!
Time for cocktails!
I loved this idea. They had their guests create thumbprints with signatures and ended up with a cool piece of art at the end of the night.
Wow. Triple drinks! Nice.
The storm cleared up just in time for people to enjoy the beautiful patio during cocktails.
That’s right. No rain!
The speeches.
Nick’s friend gets choked up and I get it on camera!
The first dance.
A few people enjoyed the night air…
And others danced the night away!
Sorry. Had to post this shot of Emi’s father enjoying the tasty food!
The rain came back at the end of the night but they were too busy on the dance floor to even care!
Thanks for a fun and rainy night!