I had a short drive across town on a beautiful autumn day to photograph Nicki and Nick’s wedding. I arrived at the church in Wilmette as the first of the family members were arriving.
Nicki was behind closed doors, staying out of sight so that Nick wouldn’t see her prior to the walk down the aisle.
Nicki and her father took their places outside the church sanctuary…
…and then Nicki was escorted down the aisle.
Nicki and Nick joined each other at the altar, and the ceremony began.
One of the groomsmen participated in the service by giving a reading.
The bridesmaids pitched in, too!
Nicki’s mom couldn’t take her eyes off of her daughter.
Nicki’s dress was beautiful, and I could’t help but get in a few, quick shots during the service.
The church was packed with friends and family, all there to give their support and love to Nicki and Nick.
Nick had to take a moment during his vows to Nicki. I love it when couples get choked up during their vows!
Nick’s mom went through at least a dozen tissues during the ceremony. She was the sweetest!
The priest, along with the guests, give their blessing to the union.
Congratulations, Nicki and Nick!
The family exited into the church courtyard for group pictures. Nicki’s grandfather was a riot, and he was ready to cheese it up for the camera.
The family pictures were taken, and we headed out to take some pictures around town before the reception.
The whole gang piled into the party bus and we were off.
Our first stop was the nearby Evanston Art Center.
I love the Evanston Art Center, and we had perfect weather for photographs there.
Nicki and Nick planned for plenty of photo time, allowing us to take advantage of the Art Center’s many backdrops.
Nick did a good job picking perfect gentlemen to be his groomsmen. They gave their coats to the bridesmaids when the sun began to set and the temperature dropped.
Group portraits… check.
Now it’s time to cut loose!
The wedding party went nuts, climbing into swings and scaling the playground equipment.
These two groomsmen gave it their best shot, but those swings just weren’t very comfortable.
Rock on, wedding party… but save some for the reception!
Speaking of the reception, Nicki and Nick held theirs at the Hotel Orrington in downtown Evanston.
While the guests finished up a delicious meal prepared by the Hotel Orrington staff, Nicki’s dad picked up the microphone and thanked everyone for supporting the newlyweds.
The best man was up next with his toast for Nicki and Nick.
Nicki’s maid of honor almost made it through her speech without shedding a tear, but couldn’t contain her happiness.
My favorite part! Cake! Nicki and Nick enjoyed their first taste of the treat that was baked by Bittersweet.
Then they danced their first dance together as husband and wife.
Nicki was all smiles during the father & daughter dance.
Nick and his mom enjoyed their mother & son dance, too.
Ahoy, matey! Time to party!
When are people going to learn? This only makes me want to take more pictures of you!
I can identify with this guest. I’ve lost count of how many times people have done this to me during a conversation.
The guests were having a great time, laughing and dancing while DJ Dustin from Toast & Jam (you can see him in the background!) laid down the beats.
It was definitely a fun crowd, and they partied hard into the night.
My last shot for the day was the ring shot. I set up the photo to include this harp from Ireland, where Nick and Nicki traveled for their honeymoon.