Can you guess what my response to the question “Do you want to take some pictures with puppies?” would be?
Absolutely, I want to take some pictures of puppies. Norma and Fred, both of whom volunteered and met at the local Anti-Cruelty Shelter, asked to start their engagement session off by giving a few of their four-legged friends some attention.
There’s so much cute in this photo, I can barely handle it. Two of their friends from Anti-Cruelty helped them out during the shoot.
There was some serious cuddling going on, and I was loving every second.
This little pup was excited by the attention…
…maybe a little too much so.
His partner in crime was busy posing for the camera.
The only thing better than playing with puppies is taking pictures. We said good-bye to the pups and headed out for some photos by the lake.
Norma and Fred were great sports about climbing up the big hill at Montrose Harbor.
Our next stop was the lily pond in Lincoln Park.
I was having a great time getting to know Norma and Fred as we made our way around the park. I love photographing engagement sessions for this reason- it makes us all more prepared for the wedding day!
After finishing at the park, I took Norma and Fred to some of my favorite city spots.
Like the bird wall!
I had a great time, Norma and Fred! I’ll see you next June for your wedding day! Until then, keep taking good care of those puppies!