The day eleven years in the making had finally arrived. Norma, seen here having the final touches completed on her hair design, and Freddie had been together for that many years, and had decided it was time to take that walk down the aisle.
And boy, was Norma ever ready! She looked fantastic- Beth Follert from Makeup By Beth helped out with the bridal day look.
Leah was with Freddie and his groomsmen as he took one last pass over his vows. When the promise was perfect, Freddie grabbed his coat…
…and headed out to the designated “First Look” spot on the Wabash Avenue bridge, which was adjacent to Hotel 71, where they were getting married.
The groom was all smiles as he waited for his bride. You can see Norma in this picture, just as she steps foot onto the bridge.
It was a beautiful moment.
Freddie couldn’t keep his eyes off of Norma. Eventually, we had to break it up…
…and meet the rest of the wedding party for pre-ceremony photos. We began the shoot by traveling to the lakeshore.
You’ll notice that every member of the wedding party is wearing pink- Norma’s favorite color!
This wedding party was a lot of fun, too. Their spirits were high and the laughs kept coming!
Norma and Freddie first met right here in Chicago.
They were both volunteering at the Anti-Cruelty Society at the time.
And the rest is history!
Speaking of history, one of Norma and Freddie’s friends made these special boutonniere-ribbons using old CTA tokens.
I had the couple share a kiss at the top of the hill…
…and then we piled into the limo to head to our next location.
I loved the disco lights in the limousine. Talk about a pre-party!
Next stop was the gardens at the Art Institute…
…where Freddie showed some love to his best man…
…and his bride.
Before leaving, Norma and Freddie showed me some of their dance moves. These two dance enthusiasts took their first Salsa lessons at Latin Street Dancing and have been twirling ever since.
Just down the street was the La Salle Street Bridge, one of my favorite places for taking wedding portraits.
The bridge boasts some excellent views of the towers lining Wacker Drive, serving as a scenic backdrop for portraits.
Or you can block out the buildings all together! Either way, I’m happy with the result!
I wrapped things up on the bridge with plenty of time to return to the hotel before the ceremony started.
Soon after, the guests began to arrive. As the seats filled, the amount of laugher and smiles increased. Check out Freddie’s aunts in the front row… one glimpse of seeing them laughing together, and I knew there were fun times ahead.
He took his place in the front and watched as Norma made her entrance.
Norma’s mom turned to watch her daughter from the front row.
Norma’s brother gave his sister’s hand after escorting her down the aisle.
With everyone in place, the room quieted down and the priest began.
Early in the ceremony, Freddie, joined by Norma, placed a special white rose on a seat reserved in remembrance of his mother.
Norma’s mother beamed proudly as she held a rose given to her by the couple.
Norma and Freddie joined hands as they prepared to make their vows of marriage.
Their vows and rings were exchanged…
…and they finished the ceremony with a kiss. Congratulations!
The newlyweds snuck back up to their room for a quick moment alone before greeting guests at the reception.
And soon after, they were making their big entrance into Hotel 71‘s ballroom, greeted with cheers and applause from their guests.
Norma’s sister in-law, who also served as Maid of Honor, was the first one up with a toast.
There were many sweet moments…
…and more than one laugh in the speech delivered by Freddie’s Best Man.
After toasts were completed, as guests settled in to enjoy dinner, Norma and Freddie thanked the guests for their love and support.
The view from the ballroom was out of this world. As the sun set in the horizon, I played with the reflection the couple’s individualized spotlight made in the window.
The spotlight was shining on them as they enjoyed their first dance as a married couple together.
Next, Freddie shared a special moment with his three aunts, as they all took turns dancing with their nephew.
Freddie’s grandmother dabbed at tears while watching.
Freddie and his aunts finished their dance, and soon after, the guests rushed to the floor.
Toast & Jam was on-hand and already had the dance hits pumping.
Whew! These guests were pulling out all of their best moves for the camera.
And remember how I told you I thought Freddie’s aunts were going to be a lot of fun? Well, they didn’t disappoint!
As a matter of fact, this was one of the most fun dance floors I’ve had this season.
It didn’t take long for the jackets to come off and ties be loosened.
Norma and Freddie were having the time of their lives… I almost hated to pull them away to get the last few pictures on their list:
A night-time shot in front of the Chicago theater.
What a day! The lovebirds took a quick break in the elevator after I said ‘good-bye’ and they headed back up to the party.
It was a great day, Norma and Freddie! Thank-you for including me and congratulations on your marriage!