Jeremy was in California recently to shoot a wedding, and while he was there, he dropped in to say ‘hi’ to his friends Sophie and Dave. It’s been awhile since Jeremy last saw their little one, Oliver, and he was excited to see how much the little guy had grown up in the past year. .

Jeremy met up with the group in the family’s Palo Alto neighborhood. Little Oliver had his game face on and was ready to take some pictures!

He was eager to show me the way to the park!
And here’s Oliver in a family shot with his mom and dad. What a happy family!
Oliver was thrilled to be at the park. He loves to ride the swings, and it’s even better when dad’s making silly faces at the same time!
Mom went in for some cuddles before letting Oliver loose on the playground equipment.
Whew! All this play is exhausting!
Time to fuel back up with a quick sugar fix.
Once Oliver had his snack, it was time to visit another favorite spot.
The tiny splashes of water on the wall might give you a hint as to what’s up next…
…play time in the fountain! Oliver was down to his diaper in no time and ready to splash.
Look at that face! Pure joy!
Oh man, was this the best day ever, or what? Oliver’s next treat was an ice cream cone! The only thing better than that is…
…TWO ICE CREAM CONES! Oliver was in heaven.
Oliver is a through-and-through ice cream maniac!
Time to wash off and get a drink of water. Thanks for the lift, mom!
It was wonderful to see you and your parents again, Oliver!! I’m already looking forward to my next trip to California… see you then!