I actually can say ‘I Was There’. Ok, so I didn’t score a ticket to the actually rally, but I experienced the joy and passion in Grant Park with thousands of other very excited people. This was a once in a lifetime event that I had to share on my blog. I was pretty overwhelmed and did not shoot as much as I would have liked but I am happy with the few images that I did shoot. Hope you like. If you were there, I would love to know what you thought!

This band was playing some patriotic tunes when I got off the train. I love the washboard!!!

The Obamalac! Too much!
One of my many obstructed views while I was watching the jumbo-tron TV.
Another view…
This is one of my favorite shots of the night.
My friend, Theresa, getting her shots too!
The crowds trying to leave Grant Park. The MASSIVE crowds!
I love the flag on the building behind him.
This guy was standing next to me for the entire speech. Theresa took this. Dang girl, you are short! Ha!
I ran into a couple of friends from when I used to play softball. I miss softball. Now I just sit at home and edit while getting fatter. Ugh! =)
This lady was great. She told us the story about how she has attended over 10 Obama rallies all over the country. She went downtown with the hopes of just watching from afar and someone heard her story and gave her a ticket to attend. She was ecstatic and was a very cool person!
My friend, Nika, getting some money to buy Obama shirts. Yes, I was next in line!
The cops were filling six buses to be shipped back to the precincts after a job well done!
And my favorite sign of the rally…..well, from what I got to see!
I just want to say again HOW cool November 4th was. I will never forget that one!!! WOW!!!!