It was the third and final day of shooting for the One Tail at a Time calendar. We all met up at this great dog park in northern Cook County. Acres and acres of land for dogs to run free on! It was the best dog park that I have ever seen!
Look at this pretty puppy! I photographed his owner’s wedding a couple of years ago.
We discussed possible options for the pup should he decided to pursue a full time career in modeling. I call this the “Joan Rivers”. =)
Time to play!
…and a swim!
This guy watches. I think he’s judging whether or not it’s a good idea to jump in, too!
Enough for photos! Time to explore!
Next up is this precious pup.
So cute and happy!
Hound dog ears flapping in the wind.
I’m ready to play!
This guy was so well-behaved! He sat completely still for his shoot… and he had a ton of great expressions!
Who’s a happy boy??
Awww…. now he’s shy…. This is my favorite!
Chillin’ out and waiting for the photo shoot to begin.
Feels good to lay in the sun!
Look at that tongue! So full of energy!
HA! I love this one.
Then there were these two fuzzy buddies. Look at the ham on their left!
It’s always fun to have a buddy to run with!
He’s ready for a drink after all that playing!
He’s letting those ducks know what’s up.
Great shot of the pup looking calm and relaxed…
…before putting on a show!
Probably one of my favorite shots of the whole year…. I can’t get enough of this one!
Who’s up next?! This pup was excited and ready to rock!
Don’t ya’ just want to hug this guy?
Not a big fan of the water fountain, though!
And here are my guys! You may recognize Charlie from previous posts, and the other pup is our new guy, Felix!
Chances are, Charlie’s eyeballing a treat in this picture.
Then he turns up the cute factor. Definitely a treat involved here.
And Felix! We found Felix through One Tail at a Time.
I think he’s happy with his new family! I know we’re happy to have him with us!
Check out One Tail at a Time for info on how you can get a calendar and contribute to a great organization! Thanks to all the One Tail staff and an even bigger thanks to our models and their families! I had so much fun doing this. Hope to see you all at the calendar release party on December 9th. Email me if you would like to come!