I was greeted by the bridesmaids as soon as I arrived.
Julia was busy brushing her teeth.
Julia grabbed her beautiful dress.
Her mother had some tears pretty early on!
The girls were doing crazy things for fashion.
And the guys were wrestling.
Paul rushed to meet Julia for the first time that day.
They decided to meet in the middle of Michigan Avenue.
We grabbed a few shots before meeting up with the wedding party.
I think this was one of the hottest days we had this summer. Cold beers were definitely in order!
The crazy leg installation in Grant Park.
I have no clue what is going on here.
Heading to the bridge.
The ladies get crazy.
Braxton grabbed this shot of the guys while I was photographing Julia and the girls.
A few guys were working on the docks near the Kinzie Bridge and took a break to pose for us!
A quick break from photos before arriving at Millenium Park.
I feel for her! I sweat in January.
I love this bridge.
They wanted to show the Bean to a few of their out of town friends.
It was a good time for the ladies to do a hair check!
And the guys.
He had the right idea. Ice cream!
I am not sure how Paul got stuck with cleaning up the trolley?
Some dumpster posing!
Everyone was thrilled to arrive at A New Leaf and enjoy the AC.
A few details from the venue.
We headed back out for some family photos.
Paul and his brothers.
Paul’s mother and father.
The ceremony.
I love shooting ceremonies at A New Leaf!
Paul pretends to see Julia for the first time that day. =)
I caught his mother wiping a tear!
The vows.
They did it!
Time for cocktails.
There were definitely some crazy faces going on.
One of the bridesmaids took a makeup break during our dinner in the kitchen.
The toasts.
I loved the Koala cake for the Australian groom. Very cool.
Their first dance.
And then the craziness.
She caught the bouquet and her boyfriends face is priceless.
And then he snagged the garter.
Party foul!
Spencer from Style Matters gets some help from a bridesmaid.
Oh no.
The bride and groom didn’t miss a beat. The dancing was out of control!
Paul and Julia wanted a few shots taken at night. We headed downstairs to find some Australian treats.
He couldn’t resist.
There were a few people already outside. They had an audience for the last two shots of the night.
I love her ring.
A tie hanging from a centerpiece. What a night.