While I was in California, I stayed for a few days with my friend Jenny, her husband Scott and their daughter, Penelope. Look at this cutie! She may look serious here, but it’s a look that didn’t stay on her face for long.
She was eager to introduce me to one of her best friends:
And here’s mom and dad! This family laughs together a ton– they’re always fun to be around! The whole group was all smiles as we took family portraits on the front step of their home.
When family pictures were done, Penelope was wanting to show me something very special that was tucked away in the shed…
…her dad’s video game!
Dad is a huuuuge Star Wars fan, and this is one of his favorite items in his collection of memorabilia. By the looks of things, Penelope is on her way to becoming a Star Wars fan, too!
Look at that smile! I had a great time with you and your family, Penelope! I’m already looking forward to our next visit!