Knock-knock. Who’s there?
It’s Phinea! I photographed her mom and dad’s wedding and was so happy to meet up with them again.
We began the shoot with Phinea showing me around her yard.
Soon after, mom brought out some fresh fruit for Phinea to try.
Next was a fashion shoot. Phinea put on her sun bonnet and favorite sunglasses for me to check out.
So glamourous!
Phinea and I played peek-a-boo over the fence for a bit.
This is her “cheese” face!
The fun in the sun continued with some quality time on the sidewalk with chalk.
We have a budding artist on our hands!
Then the most fun of all… dad brought out the bubbles.
Phinea was having a blast making, chasing and popping the bubbles.
Dad is great at making bubbles, too.
Look at that face! I have a feeling Phinea’s mom and dad have a lot more fun in store for her this summer.
It was great to meet you, Phinea, and visit with your mom and dad again. I’m already looking forward to seeing you all again!