Meet Redding. I photographed his parent’s wedding a few years back and was thrilled to hear that they had a new addition to the family! They asked if I would take a few pictures of the little guy, and of course I was happy to do so! We met up at the park, where Redding was happy to try out the swings.
It won’t be too long before you’re hanging from these rings!
Look at that face! There were still a lot of vibrant fall colors to work with, so we took full advantage. Redding was such a good sport, too, as we posed him around the park.
And check out his hat! So cute.
Maybe propping him up against the tree roots was too much…
…but nothing a hug from dad can’t fix!
It was wonderful to meet you, Redding, and just as much a treat to see your parents again! Come back and visit soon!