Renee and Keith contacted me after having photographed her brother Jared’s wedding a few years ago. Brooke and Jared’s wedding was a blast and I was looking forward to hanging out with everyone again. This wedding was definitely a blast too!

I showed up at the church and Renee was getting ready to head across the street to meet up with Keith.

Her “sexy” bracelet.
Time to meet Keith!
He was patiently waiting for his bride.
They met on the bleachers.
Keith helped Renee make her way over to the playground.
The wedding party showed up for a quick shot.
Back to the bleachers!
Brooke spotted a bug hanging out in her bouquet!
It was HOT out. Brooke got some help with that from a bridesmaid.
The traffic police.
The girls borrowed a sign from an Oak Park protestor.
The library was our next stop!
Can you imagine walking out of the restroom to find a giant zebra?
Some ice cream to cool off!
One last stop before we headed back to the church.
The maid of honor helped the groom refresh before the big show!
YES! It was time to get things started.
Renee and her father.
Her mother.
Keith’s mother.
Her dad got a little choked up.
And the newlyweds make their way out of the church!
Her sister is getting told something in this shot!
It was probably concerning our transportation. The bus died and we had to wait for a mechanic!
The crowd outside of the church was massive.
He got a front row seat!
Once the bus started we headed to Molly Malone’s.
Shots for the party.
The aftermath.
Our last stop. I love a good forest preserve!
The light was fading and it made for some great images!
Brooke and Jared were hanging out on the staircase before intros.
Yes. This happened.
The bride and groom enter and the party starts!
A party foul happened before the party even started. Actually, the table just fell over.
The cake.
Her father gave a great speech.
There was a rubber chicken involved!
Their first dance.
Some bananas foster. SO good!
And the dancing was out of control!
Thanks for the rockin’ night. You guys are awesome!