I met Rob and his sister months ago but I had only talked to Audrey over the phone. She was in vet school in Knoxville. I knew that she was going to be great to work with just from our phone conversations. She was so nice and so was everyone else in the wedding party. They were married in Frankfort, IL at CD & Me. You should really check this venue out. It was pretty great! They even had a bonfire!!! I loved it.

Here is my welcome… Her dogs were insane. Insane in a good way! Audrey loves her dogs….

and they love her too!
A detail shot.
The ceremony.
Her mother was very happy to see her tie the knot!
Another ceremony shot.
Some wedding party fun.
The fun couple.
The reception.
Some cake!
The kids were out in full force at this one!
The first dance.
Audrey gets to dance with her father.
I little reminder of the phone calls they both made late at night while Audrey was in Knoxville!
The bonfire!!!
Check out the floating garter.
Thanks for climbing the rocks!!!