I traveled out to beautiful Geneva, IL to photograph Robin and Dan’s outdoor wedding at a local bed & breakfast called The Oscar Swan. The weather was cooperating nicely, and I was pumped to be photographing outdoors.
Robin was in her room getting ready when I arrived. The pros at Urban Style Salon and Spa had styled her hair and David Aguirre finished her make-up, and now the bridesmaids were helping her into her dress.
Robin’s dad even popped in for a quick second to see how the preparations were going.
With Robin ready to go, Dan’s sisters, who were also bridesmaids, gave each other some touch-ups.
Dan sent up a card for Robin prior to their ceremony.
While Robin was reading the card and spending time with her bridesmaids, Dan was with his groomsmen getting suited up.
The bridesmaids had to look the guys over before they got the seal of approval.
Robin and Dan wanted to wait until the ceremony to see each other, and I took advantage of the minutes before to take pictures of Robin around the beautiful Oscar Swan gardens.
She was absolutely radiant… and excited!
As we took pictures, the guests began to assemble in the ceremony location.
Robin’s grandparents were there, and their smiles were contagious.
This guy wasn’t about to be late to the ceremony!
A guitarist began strumming as the parents made their way to their seats.
Dan’s mom and dad were escorted to their seats by one of the ushers.
Robin’s mom took her seat at the front.
And Dan took his place.
With everyone else situated, Robin made her big entrance. Her father was beaming as he walked her down the aisle.
You couldn’t ask for a more gorgeous location for a wedding.
A friend of the couple gives a reading in their honor.
Dan’s sister listens during the reading.
Dan then collects the ring as he prepares to deliver his vows to Robin.
The big kiss!
Congratulations! The newlyweds were showered with bubbles as they made their exit.
Robin was so excited.
We grabbed the rest of the wedding party and headed out around the Oscar Swan grounds to take some after-ceremony pictures.
I was in love with the country feel of the barns and decorations that we could shoot in front of.
In addition to great locations, we also had perfect late-afternoon lighting to work with.
These two made great models, and we were taking some great photos, but we had to head back to the tent for the reception.
Whlie Dan and Robin greeted their guests, Leah and I took time to take pictures of some of the details.
This was so cool… The tables for the evening were given names that reflected important aspects of their relationship, like shared favorite bands and foods.
These cute little birdies were perched on to pod the cake, which was baked by John Dough Bakery.
They hung lanterns and strands of lights under the tent.
And each guest got a unique plate to eat off of. Nina from The Oscar Swan helped Robin and Dan plan out the meal that would go on the plates.
For a guestbook, partygoers were encouraged to write a special message to the couple on a tag, then hang it on a tree just outside of the reception area.
There were all sorts of cute details all around.
Robin and Dan made their entrance together, grabbed a drink, and listened as the speeches began. Dan’s best man was up first with his toast.
Robin’s maid of honor was up next with her speech.
Dan’s mom was so much fun. She laughed hardest (and teared up) during the speeches.
Dan was the last one to speak, thanking all the guests for coming and sharing the day with them.
No talking during the groom’s speech!
Robin and Dan then danced their first dance as a married couple.
Robin also enjoyed a father/daughter dance with her dad…
…and Dan enjoyed a dance with his mom. Their faces are hilarious.
Love was all around!
Then everyone hit the dance floor, ready to party.
Dena from Toast & Jam was there to provide the soundtrack.
The crowd was having a blast, and everyone was enjoying the drinks and the great music.
The day got two big thumbs up.
Leah and I were exhausted! We took a few last shots of the grounds as we made our way to the car.
This is the ring shot from the night, taken on a program from the Metro, where they went on their first date.
Thanks for a great day, Robin and Dan. I hope you love your pictures, and congratulations on your marriage!