It was Ryan and Kevin’s wedding day! These two had a fun and exciting day planned, and they were eager to get started. They jumped right into my car when I arrived at their place and then we were off, zooming around the city and taking pictures at all of Chicago’s best photo spots. We started off in the Art Institute Garden, where the couple couldn’t help but be cuddly and adorable.
And check out those socks! Kevin and Ryan held their ceremony and reception at Adler Planetarium, so their starry socks were a perfect match!
Next up was a picture in front of the Board of Trade…
…and then a stop at the Kinzie Street Bridge…
…we were just tearing up the town!
We wrapped up the ‘around town’ portion of our day by taking some portraits on the bridge. It was a great opportunity to incorporate some of Chicago’s fantastic architecture into the shoot!
But one of the best views of the Chicago skyline is the one from the shores of the Lake, alongside the Planetarium. Kevin, Ryan and I made sure we saved plenty of time to take lots of pictures in this scenic spot!
Let’s Do Science! Better yet, let’s do “I Do’s”!
Kevin couldn’t help but peek out from behind the curtain as we waited for the ceremony to being. All their friends and family were there… it was very exciting!
Soon enough, Kevin escorted his parents down the aisle with Ryan following suit. When they were both in place in the front of the room, the ceremony began.
It was a gorgeous ceremony at that, full of love and humor, and officiated by one of the couple’s best friends. And the incredible view definitely added to the ambiance, too!
With vows and rings exchanged, Ryan and Kevin were married! Congratulations!
The guests moved on to cocktail hour, but I couldn’t resist having the newlyweds pose for a few more pictures with this gorgeous and dramatic sunset.
But soon enough, they were making their grand entrance into the reception.
The newlyweds thanked everyone for sharing their special day with them.
And then Ryan’s mom started off speeches in honor of the couple.
Kevin’s mom gave a toast, too.
Ryan’s best man had words of congratulation and advice…
…and Kevin’s sister gave some love to the couple as well.
Kevin and Ryan were the first on the dance floor as they shared their first dance as husbands.
Then it was time for a parent dance, with each groom sharing some time with their respective mothers.
Then all the guests hit the floor, ready to party! And what a party it was, at that. See for yourself in this collection of images from Ryan and Kevin’s dance party:
This wedding was out of this world! (sorry… I couldn’t help myself)

Congratulations on your marriage, Kevin and Ryan! Thanks for sharing the day with me!