Sabreen and Terry’s wedding day was finally here. I arrived at the Hotel Sofitel where Sabreen was getting ready just as an associate from Nika Vaughan was finishing up her make-up.
Sabreen had some other helpful hands there, including her aunt Joy who was happy to help her into the beautiful dress.
Her friends were nearby, too, to provide all the necessary “oohs” and “ahhs”.
Sabreen’s mom helped with a final inspection before the happy bride headed out to see Terry for the first time.
And here’s Terry and one of his groomsmen, enjoying a celebratory, pre-wedding toast.
Terry was getting ready at a hotel down the block from Sabreen. He and his groomsmen left the hotel a few minutes early so they could take some photos on their way to meet the bride.
Finally, the big reveal was at hand. Terry took his place right outside of Sabreen’s hotel room.
Sabreen’s mom couldn’t help herself… she had a to take a peek at her daughter in this big moment.
We all left the hotel and hit the town for some pre-ceremony pictures.
We started off downtown around the hotel…
…and then got in the limo to explore other parts of the city.
What a good-looking couple.
I was in love with Sabreen’s dress…
…and Terry couldn’t have been more dapper.
One of our stops was this spot on the river, next to the Kinzie Street bridge.
The passengers on the tour boat shouted their congratulations!
The groomsmen secured their boutonnieres as they awaited family photos in Washington Square Park.
Terry shared a kiss with his bride….
…but he was willing to share the love!
Sabreen’s mom and dad couldn’t have been more proud of their daughter.
It was finally time for the ceremony, and Sabreen was escorted down the aisle by her father.
The happy couple locked eyes as Sabreen took her place next to Terry.
Sabreen’s mother watched proudly as the officiant began the ceremony.
Sabreen’s aunt gave a reading as part of the ceremony.
Sabreen teared up a bit while she delivered her vows…
…which made Terry’s father tear up as well.
The vows were made, the rings exchanged, and they were married. Congratulations!
Sabreen’s sister gave her new brother-in-law a big hug after the ceremony.
And Sabreen made good use of her handkerchief.
Terry’s dad was all smiles while outside of Newberry Library, where we were taking family portraits after the ceremony. Both the ceremony and reception were held at this Chicago landmark.
Everyone was excited for the bride and groom, and ready to start the party!
Love, love, love this poster that Terry and Sabreen had printed for the day.
The guests began to congregate together for the cocktail hour and Leah and I set out to take pictures of the details of the day. We started with Sabreen’s gorgeous bouquet, which was designed by Fragrant Design.
And take a look at these place cards, perfect for a wedding at a library.
The cake, baked by Sweedish Bakery, boasted a fantastic topper.
Don’t get me started on these centerpieces. I want this in my house! Anthony Navarro was the planner for the day and he made sure every detail was perfect.
Everything about the day was perfect, and Sabreen had one more surprise for her groom. She changed into a beautiful second dress that Terry had no idea about.
She took his breath away with her big entrance.
Terry gave his new bride a quick kiss, and then husband and wife joined their guests for the reception.
Terry’s brother led of the speeches with a toast to the bride and groom.
Sabreen and Terry thanked everyone for spending the day with them…
…and then they shared their first dance.
Then everyone else hit the dance floor!
Nate from Style Matters kept the crowd on their feet.
The party was a big hit!
Are you kidding? There’s no hiding from my camera!
Now that’s one happy groom.
Congratulations, Terry & Sabreen! Thanks for letting me share the day with you, and we wish you much happiness as you begin your life together!