I traveled to Lake Geneva for a photoshoot with Ms. Sadie. She and her family had a bunch of activities lined up for us and we were both ready for a fun afternoon.
Sadie is the daughter of Hannah and Joe, whose wedding I photographed a few years back.
It was great to meet Sadie and see my old friends again!
We were in Sadie’s grandma’s back yard, and there was a lot to see and do.
Sadie had a surprise for us.
Her grandma had some big, beautiful sunflowers that we could use in the photos.
And how fun is confetti!?!?
The confetti (and the chalkboard from the first photo) was from the same batch used at Hannah and Joe’s wedding. They’ve been holding on to it for a special occasion like this.
Mmmmm… dreamsicle bars… one of Sadie’s favorites. (Mine, too!)
I know this feeling all too well… Sadie wanted a second dreamsicle!
Sadie’s dad had a different treat lined up. It was a hot afternoon and a perfect time for a dip in the pool!
The good times just weren’t the same without Sadie’s best buddy and favorite toy. She even wanted it to go for a swim with her.
Whew! All this photo-taking is exhausting! Grandma was right there with a bottle for Sadie.
It was great meeting you, Sadie, and always great to see your parents. Thanks for a fun afternoon… enjoy the rest of your summer!