What a view! This is what Sal and Will saw from their suite at the Robey Hotel as they made preparations for their wedding.
When I arrived, Will, Sal and two of their best friends, who were serving as groomsmen, were enjoying a leisurely breakfast.
While the final sips of coffee were polished off, Sal got to work steaming his shirt…
…and picking out the perfect pair of socks.
Will tied the perfect knot in his tie…
…and then helped Sal with his.
What a good looking crew! Everyone looked perfect and was ready to begin the celebration by taking pre-ceremony portraits.
My favorite detail were the pins that the members of the wedding party were wearing. Such a lovely touch!
First, Sal, Will and their groomsmen gathered for a few pictures in the Robey’s rooftop bar.
And then I took a few pictures of the grooms by themselves. What a handsome couple!
Before too long, we were on our way to the church. The grooms were happy as could be, holding hands as we walked through the neighborhood.
Will’s godmother was already at the church when we arrived, and was so happy for the couple.
Sal’s mom was there, too, ready to share a big hug.
As guests began to arrive and fill up the pews, Will and Sal put on their brand-new Louboutin wedding shoes. Fabulous!
The ceremony was a beautiful one, filled with many special, personal moments, and was presided over by the Pastor of Will and Sal’s home church in Hinsdale.
And look at those soles!
As part of the service, the grooms and their groomsmen helped served communion to guests.
With rings and vows exchanged, Will and Sal were officially married!
The newlyweds took a minute to themselves after walking the aisle, where Sal had a few happy tears to shed.
Sal and Will’s reception was held at the Robey, and we decided to take a few more portraits with the groomsmen on our trip back.
At the reception, guests were treated to a delicious brunch. But before the meal was served, the groomsmen delivered a speech in honor of the newlyweds.
The toast was followed up with Will and Sal sharing their first dance as husbands. A good friend of the couple’s sang for them… such a beautiful moment!
And check out this cake! The rainbow-colored sprinkles on top foreshadowed a special surprise…
…rainbow cake!
Everything about the day was fantastic, and I was honored to be included in such an amazing celebration. Congratulations on your marriage, Will and Sal!