Sam and Will’s parents asked me to drop by to take some family pictures. I came by on a hot summer morning to see what trouble we could get into. Will met me at the door, showing off his magic wand.
And here’s the whole family. Will is the guy in blue and his older brother Sam is the one getting tickled by Mom.
Brotherly love.
Sam was all about the camera!
The boys strapped on their shoes and shared a quick joke before we headed out to the park. Will had his magic wand on hand to make sure we had a great time.
We walked as a group to the park down the street.
Will enjoyed the swing, with pushes provided by Dad.
It was so hot that day! So hot, that climbing on the playground equipment was hazardous!
So Sam climbed the tree instead.
Will needed a drink of water after all that playing!
But you know what’s better than water on a hot day…?
Ice cream!
Sam got a delicious chocolate shake.
After ice cream, the brothers made some silly face for the camera.
Thanks for the fun afternoon, Sam and Will! Stay cool and have a great summer!